2021 Estate Pinot Noir Futures

The Inchinnan blend and Mistake Block selections are produced in small quantities, selecting the most vibrant lots of wine from each vintage.

The wines will be available for pick-up or you will be the first customers we ship them to in the Fall of 2023.

Questions? Call us at (503) 925-0972.

2021 Inchinnan Pinot Noir

Very favorable 2021 growing conditions coupled with lighter than usual crop load brought us a robust yet complex Inchinnan this vintage. The usual blend of W├Ądenswil, Dijon 115 and 114 benefited greatly from the marionberry fruit and acidity of a barrel of Dijon 667. Dark fruit, well defined tannins and spice on the nose create a very detailed wine with great cellar potential. 

2021 Mistake Block Pinot Noir

Once in a while a fermenter takes charge of itself, my job being to get out of the way. The 2021 Mistake Block really doubles down on the sultry style we have come to expect. Distinctive Pommard aromas fill the glass. Dense (but soft!) tannins support lush dark plum character, with brown spice and juicy acid on the finish. 

Give us a call at (503) 925-0972 to find out more about the wines.